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Divine Experiences

Divine Experiences

Divine Experiences

Luxuriously  Wild  and  Naturally  Sacred

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Medicinal Cacao

Sit with us in a ceremony of peace and ancestral wisdom. Experience the healing power of our alchemical cacao brew with two pots, one with a unique blend of herbs for femenine and the other for masculine health support.

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Men's Ceremony

A magical purpose-driven ceremony beckons all men to embark on a quest for inner silence and liberation from identity. This mystical journey is designed to connect you to your deepest purpose, guiding you through ancient rituals and practices that will help you quiet your mind and reveal the essence of your being.

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Magic Cave Ceremony

Journey into a mystical cave to connect with the spirits of the land, plant intentions with sacred tobaccos and flowers, and cleanse your body and soul in a refreshing cenote. Allow the cave to reveal its secrets and guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Emerging with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, you'll carry the magic and wonder of the cave with you always, inspiring you on your path towards spiritual enlightenment.

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Sacred Love Ceremony

Experience the magic of the Sacred Love ceremony, where you'll discover the power of your love and connection, cleanse past experiences, plant new intentions, bathe together in refreshing waters, and embrace the journey towards deeper love and lasting happiness.

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